Experienced commercial and Fine Art photographer,Kim Sawyer is renowned for his portraiture, landscapes and large-format black and white photography. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

"Photographing people and places is my passion, either in the studio or preferably on location. I like the collaborative process of working with people, exploring ideas and sorting out all the logistics for a shoot. For me working on ideas and trying to create images is more interesting than just having the ability to capture an image.

My use of  lighting and the relationship between my subject and the background is a fundamental part of my on-location portraits. I enjoy photographing people in an environment that they have some relationship with. How they react to the surroundings and how it makes them feel is an important part of how I create my images.

The Portfolio on this website includes some of my work from both England and Sweden for Atlas Copco, English Heritage, Help the Aged, SAS, Svenska Spel, etc. The aim with all my photography is to create images that are dramatic and expressive, images that can convey and evoke emotions.


Born and educated in England, I have been based in Stockholm, Sweden since 1998. As well as being an experienced commercial photographer, I also work as a Fine Art photographer and have taught photography for many years at Folkuniversitetet and  KSPHOTO."




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